2018 — My Year of Change and Growth

It started like any other year, but “Boy, Oh boy!” how was I in for a tumultuous ride. And if at first I resisted change, now I’m embracing it and I’m genuinely thankful for all the experiences, good and bad, as they played a part in awakening and shaping me. And it’s all about personal development, isn’t it? (unless you chose to be a living dead, but that’s a story for another time).

I’m grateful for realising how resilient I am (and a bit amazed as well), for the support system I created and the fact that I’m using it. Also grateful that I’ve added a piece of the puzzle that I felt was missing for years: psychotherapy.

I’m grateful for starting to realize I have to be my no.1 priority and working on feeling less and less guilty about that (for making it normalcy). Realizing I cannot give unless I’m full and actually living like this (not just thinking it and letting the thought sleep somewhere in the corner of my mind) has been of great help.

I’m grateful for all the new people I’ve met and the old friends I’ve re-discovered. Thank you for the long talks, for the virtual handholding and hugs that felt real, for pushing me outside my box, for the sleepovers, for the gratitude and honesty, for flying across Europe to spend time together, for the “let’s plan next year” and the spontaneous surprises. And mostly for believing in me when I couldn’t.

I’m grateful for all the professional opportunities I’ve had this year — amazing team, great company with a wackily professional environment. Still can’t believe I’m not fired and I was Employee of the Quarter.

I’m grateful for losing the toxic things that were weighing me down — among them, the 12 kilograms that crept in over the past years; and I’m also amazed of how easier it was once my brain was in the correct headspace. Also, chuffed to bits that I fit into jeans I wore in high school and think “WOW I’m slim” as opposed to the “OMG, I’m so faaat” line I used to serve myself as a teenager— same weight, I’m just saying.

I’m grateful for discovering the right combination of sport and food. And for the 5k races I ran. Happy to continue exploring new foods and condiments, determined to keep eating mindfully.

I’m grateful for being part of communitiesLearn Inbound to fuel my marketing geek, GirlCrew & GalzGoneWild to take me to places I don’t usually go to and Crilia to keep my heart at home.

I’m grateful for discovering San Francisco, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Northern Ireland and the west coast of Ireland. Travelling has been spontaneous and unbelievable this year and I still can’t believe how many wonders I’ve seen.

I’m grateful for all the amazing music I’ve heard live this year: Amanda-Fucking-Palmer, Bell X1, Little Green Cars, Steven Wilson, Epica, Therion, Chasing Cars, Hozier to name a few. And the events: the Cirque du Soleil show I ticked off my bucket list, hearing Bill Burr explaining why he’ll come back to Dublin and marching in the Dublin Pride Parade.

Here’s to 2019 and for what it will bring, with less of a check-list mind and more of an abundance mindset.

#DigitalMarketing Specialist & #Tech Enthusiast. #GrowthHacker wannabe. BA in Tourism, MA in E-Tourism, Professional #Host and Passionate #Traveller

#DigitalMarketing Specialist & #Tech Enthusiast. #GrowthHacker wannabe. BA in Tourism, MA in E-Tourism, Professional #Host and Passionate #Traveller